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Unable to run Spy for Solid Edge as Administrator

Apr 5 at 10:13 AM
Windows10 have changed a lot of things about security under the hood.
As example, despite logged on as administrator, processes NEVER runs ad administrator unless explicitly using "Load As...". This includes IDE, SolidEdge, and the Spy utility itself.
The "deploy" method used by SpySE make very difficult to run it as administrator.
This is required when the solidedge IS running as administrator (because this is sometimes required debugging a macro), and in that case Spy CANNOT bind to the instance, because Administrator processes and low priviledged processes are completely isolated in Win10.

Thus, it would be VERY useful to have a menu option in Spy for solidedge in order to "Restart using administrator rights". It can be implemented just spawning another copy of itself running as administrator, and exiting at the same time. This at the same fashion almost al sysinternal utilities are doing.

Is it possible to enhance spy to implement this ?